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Tentative List of Courses for Graduate CPEN Students

Hardware / VLSI:

ECEN 454 Digital Integrated Circuit Design ECEN 468 Advanced Logic Design
ECEN 652 Switching Theory
ECEN 654 VLSI Systems Design
ECEN 680 Test and Diagnosis of Digital Systems
ECEN 687 VLSI Physical Design Automation
ECEN 689 Special Topics Courses
            Emerging VLSI CAD Applications and Techniques
            VLSI Logic Synthesis
            VLSI Circuit Design
CSCE 661 Integrated Systems Design Automation


ECEN 602 Computer Comm. and Networking (similar to CSCE 619)
ECEN 663 Data Compression with Applications to Speech and Video
ECEN 627 Multimedia Systems and Networks
CSCE 663 Real-time Systems
CSCE 665 Advanced Networking and Security
ECEN 689 Special Topics Courses
            Internet Protocols and Modeling
            Network Coding and Algorithms

Computer Architecture:

ECEN 623 Parallel Geometric Computing
ECEN 651 Microprogrammed Control of Digital Syst. (not CSCE 614)
ECEN 676 Advanced Computer Architecture
CSCE 605 Compiler Design
ECEN 653 Computer Arithmetic Unit Design

Systems and Software:

CSCE 410 Operating Systems
CSCE 606 Software Engineering
ECEN 623 Parallel Geometric Computing
CSCE 629 Analysis of Algorithms
CSCE 662 Distributed Processing Systems


MATH 415 Modern Algebra I
MATH 416 Modern Algebra II
MATH 446 Principles of Analysis
MATH 447 Topics in Analysis II
STAT 601 Statistical Analysis
MATH 606 Theory of Probability I
MATH 607 Real Variables I
MATH 608 Real Variables II
MATH 651 Optimization I
MATH 652 Optimization II


ENGL 301 Technical Writing (no graduate credit)

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